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Well-experienced and cheap consultants.

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We don’t use robots. Experienced people with a huge amount of energy guaranteed.

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Hire our consultants. Your clients will be treated in the best way. They will come back for more.


We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days in year.

Customer service in 45 languages

The special translation system in real-time which is used in GetLead chat provides clear and understandable communication. How does it work? Client and Consultant write in their native languages and our system translates it to the other language.




40 hours per week. This the most popular work model in companies.

Two changes



Your customers need service for more than 8 hours a day? Schedule 80 hours a week and be available to your clients most of the time. The cost is PLN 6.5 net per hour.



Saturday, Sunday, and evening. Can Your visitors always rely on You? Plan 18 hour work Day with 112 working hours per week.



This plan will grow Your company. Provide support 24/7/365!


Before assigning consultants to your project, we analyze your needs and processes in the company with you. Thanks to our work system, we collect all the information that our consultant will need to service your clients.

Our standards and designed interview diagrams with you are your guarantee to give your clients correct answers. At this stage, we will devote the maximum amount of time to analyzing your responses and website, so that our consultants are best prepared to talk to clients.

We are aware that not every company has people who will respond to your customers 24 hours a day. Thanks to the employment of qualified consultants, your clients will be able to talk live with a person who will help them solve their problems.

Do you need consultants only for a certain part of the day? No problem. Select the appropriate subscription option for you

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It’s easy. One consultant is able to handle several chats for several companies at the same time.

Our consultants will answer up to two chats at the same time.

During the registration process, we analyze your work model – you present us the procedures and frequently asked questions. On this basis, we establish a knowledge base for each consultant according to your requirements.

Moreover, should an unforeseen question arise, our consultants are trained to easily expand your knowledge base. Usually, after 10-20 days from the start of the service, they already answer 98% of questions.

In such cases, our Consultants obtain contact details from the visitor and send them to you along with his inquiry. Then this question is added to the knowledge base.

Of course. Our customer success team is available at any time, every day. Just write.

In addition, you will be able to see a preview of your consultants in the navigation panel, so you can easily observe our work in real time.

Our consultants serve clients in as many as 45 languages.

The unique real-time translation system used in the GetLead chat solution makes the Consultant and the Client ask questions and read the answers in the language they use.

We never charge for new leads or potential sales. You only pay flat monthly rates.

Our consultants are always available, no matter what time visitors to your website will need information.

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