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Entrepreneur! Do you sell on the Internet? Do you hold business conversations?

Do you reach best sale efficiency through direct conversation with the client? The pandemic makes meetings difficult? Do you want to increase your sales? is the answer

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An innovative and extremely simple, and at the same time brilliant solution, which thanks to the possibility of face-to-face conversation and instant connection gives a great advantage in the presentation of goods or services. The client will feel as if he is visiting your company without leaving home. –it performs well in every field!

Your business

Let’s imagine the moment when your client visits your website. Why does he stay? What makes him interested in our products? Why does he call us? Who answers the phone? Let’s imagine a phone call when he starts asking questions. How to convince him that our product is the best through a phone call? How to convince him to contact us? – it’s more than just a button on a website, it’s a #Revolution in methods of lead contacting. Only one click opens for the client a video call with our company. Without any fees, without waiting, in just seconds he receives full access to our best representative, a presentation and a face to face meeting despite the distance. Simplicity is genius. Simple solutions are the best ones.

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Car showroom

A client visiting a car showroom site in a few seconds video contacts the seller. In several minutes he receives an individual offer. Without having to leave his house he can agree on leasing or other financial conditions. Quicker than your competition, right? How many cars do you sell via phone and how many through a direct meeting?

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Online shop

Why answer calls and waste your client’s time? Show your ware through a video call. Present sales, help with order execution and seal the deal in a few minutes. More modern than your competition, right?

Diet catering

In a few seconds the client contacts a dietitian or a seller. Together they choose an optimal diet and, in several minutes, take care of formalities. He doesn’t waste time on writing e-mails, filling out surveys or sending attachments. He receives quick advice and help with buying the diet. Easier than your competition, right?

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Customers of the e-commerce industry point out that they are more likely to finalise a purchase when the company’s website is supported by innovative marketing tools. is a progressive response to the market changes and to the urgency of managing your clients in a modern way. The tool is a perfect alternative for phone calls – which are both expensive and sale inefficient.

Your competition - #REvolution in the method of contacting YOUR LEADS. #WidGetLead:

Download of button

The download of button on your website is remarkably simple. It can be done in as little as two minutes!

Making and answering calls doesn’t require your customers to install any external programs or apps.

In order to make a call all that is needed is opening the website in web or mobile format on any chosen device. Phenomenal solution!

I JOIN the #REvolution in the method of contacting MY leads. #WidGetLead


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The plan includes a place for 5

Consultant and all UNLIMITED features: 

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Number of employees1510
Number of departmentsno limitsno limitsno limits
Call history
Call recordingdepending on
the plan configuration
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the plan configuration
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the plan configuration
Notes about customers
Email notifications
Presentation of summaries in the panel
Presentation of leads in the panel
Advanced reports and statistics
Summary of the email conversation
Exporting data
Editing texts in the popup window
Visual popup editing
Personalization of the tooltip
Customization of CSS styles
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