Łukasz Piotrowski


founder and owner at GetLead.page. An entrepreneur and visionary who looks boldly into the future. He creates solutions that change reality with passion and commitment. Coach, mental trainer, business expert, and author of publications. In 2020, together with the Sekielski Brothers, he launched the sekielscy.pl portal.

He participated in the process of creating a training platform for the fitness industry – Mauricz.tv. He collaborates with the Neo-Nówka cabaret.

Karolina Piotrowska

UX and PR Administrative Director

Is the Unicorn of our team, and some people call her “human orchestra”. She knows the answer to every question and there is no hopeless situation for her. Designs product strategies, shapes the implemented projects, determines their functionality, and then – manages activities.

He also deals with all business issues. Without her, there would be no plans, notes and schedules. It makes people say “WOW” at the end of each product.

GetLead - Rafał
CO-Founder and Frontend Developer
Everything that the recipient sees on the website is thanks to Rafał. It is him who designs all graphic elements, animations and the page layout. He also makes sure that it is compatible, i.e. it works flawlessly on any device. He has been working in the industry for 10 years. Works in the development team together with Adam responsible for backend and Project Managers - Carolina and Luke.
GetLead - Adam
CO-Founder and Backend Developer
Adam is the person responsible for the other part of the website - the one that the user does not see at first glance. He makes sure that the system works properly. He supervises the server facilities and the security of the solutions used. Creates API and communication with databases. Works in close cooperation with Raphael, Carolina and Luke. He has 10 years of experience.
GetLead - Mateusz
Backend developer
Mateusz is an amazing 22-year-old who, despite the fact that he is blind, is very good at creating websites. In the company, he is an expert responsible for the adaptation of products for the blind and disabled.
GetLead - Daria
Ninja Social Media
The world of Social Media has no secrets from her. She knows Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn like the back of her hand. Daria thinks outside the box and knows what to do to ensure that each social media site has its own unique character. She prepares website development strategies, publishes creative content, runs Facebook / Instagram and LinkedIn Ads campaigns. She analyzes and reports the results of her activities in an accessible way.
GetLead - Żaneta
UX Designer
She is the right hand of Michael and Daria. Żaneta is a combination of extraordinary patience and inquisitiveness - like Sherlock Holmes. It is her who finds the latest news and curiosities that gain the interest of followers on social media. She also deals with the tedious completion of data in CRM.
GetLead - Michał
Michael is a man with a passion for the word positioning and optimization. It is thanks to him that the conducted advertising campaigns are so effective. Michał deals with increasing free organic traffic on websites. He monitors the health of the site, the links leading to it. Plans and checks the tasks of workers. Creates, analyzes and audits. He proposes and implements new solutions.
GetLead - Jakub
Jakub is one of the most recognizable nutritionists in Poland. He is a combination of extraordinary charisma, passion for a healthy lifestyle and energy to act. An expert in TV and radio programs, in which he shares his knowledge about diet and supplementation. Scientific editor and reviewer of health publications. On a daily basis, he collaborates with the following magazines: "Men's Health", "Gala", "Logo", "Gala MEN", "Trainer" and "BODYLife". He is the author of recipes for food products and supplements of brands such as: Bakalland, Henryk Kania, Legal Cakes, Lab One, Trec Nutrion and menus, incl. for Miracle and Honey. He wrote a book called "You can eat anything", which shows an accessible way for the reader to introduce the basics of dieting.
GetLead - Ola
PR person by passion and education. A graduate of Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Adam Mickiewicz. A lover of communication, both written, spoken and visual. She knows how to write so that others want to read and loves to do it. With detective accuracy searches for the most interesting information on the Internet, and thanks to the knowledge of content marketing and marketing communication, she effectively turns it into sales.
A passionate 16-year-old copywriter who sells by text. He has specific goals and looks boldly to the future. Mentor, podcaster, newsletter creator and content marketing expert. He deals with communication in social media and on websites. She is active on a variety of channels and loves to work with people.