– Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy covers the ways in which we process your information, including personal data and cookies.

  1. General information
    • This policy concerns the www Service under the url address: or
    • Operator of the service and Administrator of personal data: FEE BROKERS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY UL. WŁADYSŁAWA ŁOKIETKA 5/2, 70-256 Szczecin
    • Operator’s e-mail address:
    • The Operator is an Administrator of your personal data provided voluntarily within the Service.
    • The Service utilizes your personal data in the following cases:
      • newsletter
      • online chat conversations
      • handling of questions through a survey
      • providing agreed upon services
      • presentation of offers or information
  • The Service gains information about users and their actions through:
    • voluntarily provided data within the surveys, which are entered into Operator’s system databases.
    • saving cookies in DTEs (end devices)
  1. Chosen methods of data protection used by the Operator
    • Areas of signing in and personal data input are protected within the transmission layer (SSL certificate). For that reason, personal data and log-in information provided on the website are encrypted in the user’s computer and can be read only on the targeted server.
    • Personal data is stored in a database in such a way, that only the Operator in hold of the key has access to them. In this way the data is protected in case of database theft from the server.
    • The Operator changes his administrative passwords intermittently.
    • In order to protect data, the Operator regularly makes backup copies.
    • Significant in the matter of data protection are regular updates of any software used by the Operator for personal data processing, which especially concerns regular updates of processing components.
  1. Hosting
    • The Service is hosted on Operator’s server: dhosting
  1. Your rights and additional information about the methods of data usage
    • In some cases, the Administrator has the right to transfer your personal data to other recipients – if it is necessary to execute the sealed agreement or to fulfill the Administrator’s responsibilities. It concerns the following recipients:
      • hosting company on terms of entrustment
      • law firms and debt collectors
      • payment operators
      • online chat operators
      • authorized employees and coworkers, who use the data in order to realize the intent of the website
      • companies responsible for the Administrator’s marketing service
    • Your personal data is processed by the Administrator not longer than it is necessary to fulfil related actions specified by external regulations (i.e. accounting). In case of marketing data, it will not be processed for more than 3 years.
    • You are entitled to demand from the Administrator:
      • access to your personal data,
      • its correction,
      • its deletion,
      • limiting its processing,
      • and its transferring.
    • You are entitled to make an objection when it comes to processing pointed out in point 3.3 c) on processing personal data in order to execute legally justified interests performed by the Administrator, including profiling, however the right to object will not be able to be performed in case of existence of important legally justifiable grounds for processing, overriding interests, rights and liberties, especially establishing, investigating and defensing claims.
    • You have the right to submit a complaint for Administrator’s actions to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office, ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa.
    • Submission of personal data is voluntary, however essential for using the Service.
    • In relation to you, activities consisting of automatized decision making can be taking place, including profiling in order to perform the service agreed upon in the agreement and in order for leading by the direct marketing Administrator.
    • Personal data is not transferred to third-party countries by terms of regulations on personal data protection. This means, that we don’t send them outside of the European Union.
    • In the interest of high quality of service, calls may be recorded. If you do not agree, please hang up.
  2. Information in forms
    • The Service collects information shared voluntarily by the user, including personal data, as long as they were provided.
    • The Service can save information about the parameters of the call (time, IP address).
    • The Service, in some cases, can save information simplifying linking data in the form with the e-mail address of the user filling out the form. In this case the user’s e-mail address appears inside of the url address of the site including the form.
    • Data given in the form is processed in order to fulfil the aim of the specified form, for example for managing a service application or commercial contact, registering services etc. Every time the context and description of the form informs clearly what it is being used for.
  3. Administrator’s logs
    • Information about users’ actions in the Service may be logged. This data is utilized in order to administrate the Service.
  4. Crucial marketing techniques
    • The Operator uses statistical analysis of movement on the website through Google Analytics (Google Inc. with its headquarters in the USA). The Operator doesn’t share with the operator of this service any personal data – only anonymous information. The service is based on using cookies in users’ end devices. In terms of information about users’ preferences collected by Google advertising network the user can browse and edit information concerning cookies with the use of:
    • The Operator uses remarketing techniques allowing to match advertisements to users’ behavior on the website, which can create an illusion that users’ personal data is utilized to track him, but in practice there is no transfer of any personal data between the Operator and the advertisement operator. Cookie files service has to be turned on in order for these actions to take place.
    • The Operator uses Facebook’s pixel. This technology causes Facebook (Facebook Inc. with its headquarters in the USA) to know, that its registered user uses the Service. In this case it is based on its own data towards which it is an administrator, the Operator doesn’t share with Facebook any additional personal data. The Service is based on using cookies in users’ end devices.
    • The Operator uses a solution examining users’ behavior through creating heat maps and recording behavior on the website. This information is anonymized before being shared with the Operator in such a way that he does not know which natural person it regards. Especially, what is not being recorded are entered passwords or other personal data.
    • The Operator uses a solution automatizing the work of the Service in terms of users, for example sending e-mails to users after visiting certain subpages as long as the user has agreed to receiving commercial correspondence from the Operator.
  5. Cookie information
    • The Service uses cookies.
    • Cookies are IT data, especially text files, which are stored in Service Users’ end devices and are intended for using the Service’s website. Cookies usually include the name of the website from which they come, time of storage on the end device and a unique number.
    • The subject, which puts cookies and has access to them on the Service Users’ end devices is the Operator of the Service.
    • Cookies are used in the following cases:
      • continuing user’s session (after logging in), thanks to which the user doesn’t have to put in his login and password on every subpage;
      • execution of points specified in “Crucial marketing techniques”;
    • Within the Service there are two basic types of cookies used: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, which are stored on the end device of the user until logging out, leaving the website or turning off software (the internet browser). Persistent cookies are stored in user’s end device for an amount of time specified in cookie parameters or until the user deletes them.
    • Software for browsing websites (a browser) usually allows cookie storage on user’s end device by default. Service Users can make changes to this. The Internet browser allows cookie deletion. What is also possible is an automatic blockage of cookies. Detailed information on this topic can be found in help or documentation of the internet browser.
    • Limitations of cookie usage can have an impact on some functions available on the Service’s website.
    • Cookies stored in Service User’s end device can also be used by cooperating subjects, this concerns especially the following companies: Google (Google Inc. with its headquarters in the USA), Facebook (Facebook Inc. with its headquarters in the USA), Twitter (Twitter Inc. with its headquarters in the USA).
  6. Managing cookies – how to agree and withdraw the agreement in practice?
    • If the user does not want to receive cookies he can change the browser’s settings. We inform, that turning off cookies essential for authentication processes can limit or in extreme cases disallow using www websites.
    • In order to manage cookie settings, choose a browser you use from the list below and follow the instructions: