1.1. The terms of use discussed below determine general conditions of providing the electronic service GetLead.page (referred to as the “Service”) to individuals, legal persons and other users having created an account and using the service GetLead.page (referred to as “Clients”).

1.2. The Service Provider of GetLead.page is Fee Brokers limited liability company based in Szczecin, ul. Władysława Łokietka 5/2, 70-256 Szczecin. Registered in the National Court Register by the District Court of Szczecin-Centrum in Szczecin, XIII Economic Department, with a share capital of 5 200zł, holding KRS 0000844348, NIP 8522663979, REGON 386202888.

1.3. By using the Service, the Client confirms his agreement with the terms and conditions listed below, which include the privacy policy and the cookie policy.

1.4. The terms and conditions of use of the Service can be altered by the Service Provider at any time.


2.1. Service Provider commits to electronically provide service for the Client within one of the plans: #GetOne, #Get5, #Get10.

2.2. Service Provider through the GetLead.page Service shares with the Client a generated script. The Client when including the script within his website installs a widget allowing users of the mentioned www website to send a demand for a video call with the website owner.

2.3. GetLead.page service provides the Client with the possibility of receiving notifications through a web application about a website user’s request for contact. It also allows to create a personalized widget and to view statistics.

2.4. Client during the validity of the agreement has the possibility to change the chosen plan. However, this does not obligate the Service Provider to give the Client a full nor a partial refund.


3.1. The service will perform correctly on the following devices and browsers:

Personal computers, laptops, desktop computers with Windows 10 system:

– Mozilla Firefox (82.0.3 or later)
– Google Chrome (86.0.4240 or later)
– Microsoft Edge (86.0.622.63 or later)

Mobile devices with Android:

– Mozilla Firefox (82.1.1 or later)
– Google Chrome (86.0.4240 or later)

Personal computers, laptops, desktop computers with MacOS min. Catalina:

– Mozilla Firefox (82.0.3 or later)
– Google Chrome (86.0.4240 or later)
– Safari (14.0 or later)

Mobile devices with iOS:

– Safari (14.0 or later)

4.     THE USE OF GetLead.page SERVICE

4.1. After agreeing to the terms and conditions of use by the Client, the Service Provider begins providing the Service and gives the Client the possibility of creating an account with personalized data.

4.2. The Client’s responsibility is to use the provided Service in accordance to the terms and conditions of use, rules of social coexistence, good morals and conditions within the Privacy Policy.

4.3. The Client is obliged to perform in accordance to all legal regulations. These include especially electronically provided services and laws regarding personal identifiable data protection.

4.4. The Client agrees to: a. logo presentation, case study within the marketing materials of the Service Provider, b. receiving form Service Provider messages regarding any difficulties, changes or technical breaks in using the Service, c. receiving VAT invoices issued by Fee Brokers sp. z o.o. electronically. They will be sent to the e-mail address provided during the registration process.


5.1. The payments for the Service are performed automatically, with the use of online payment methods provided, performed by: Stripe, Inc.

5.2. The Client can complete a payment with the use of one of the payment methods provided on the Service Provider’s website. When choosing payment by credit card the Client provides the required credit card information. The credit card will be charged monthly according to the cost of chosen subscription plan. In case of the lack of payment information provided by the Client on the day of fee payment, Service Provider has the right to terminate providing the Service and invoicing the payment, ignoring any costs regarding the invoice.

5.3. A Client, who has decided on invoice payment should complete the payment not later than 7 days from the moment when the invoice was issued or on a different date agreed upon within the agreement.

5.4. The cost of subscription to particular plans is available on www website of the Service Provider under the tag of “Prices”. The prices given are the netto cost of 1 month of subscription to the chosen plan of Service.

5.5. Fee Brokers sp. z o.o. has the right to make changes within the prices for the given services at any time.



6.1. The Client has the right to issue a Service complaint, in order to do so he has to provide his account name in addition to a detailed problem description. The Client should send the complaint to the given e-mail address: reklamacje@getlead.page.

6.2. The Service Provider is to handle the complaint on the fourteenth day of its issuing at latest. In case of granting the complaint, Service Provider does not refund the monthly Service payment and does not lower the price of Service for next months.


7.1. The Service providing agreement is fixed-term. The Client can resign at any time, without the option of a refund for any completed payments.

7.2. A client who wants to terminate the agreement is to contact the Service Provider with a written request (e-mail). Service Provider is obligated to delete the created account at latest 7 days from the issue of the request.

7.3. The Service Provider can terminate the agreement with instant effect. He is not obligated to present his reasoning. He is not obligated under any additional notice periods. The Service Provider is obligated to give the affected Client a partial refund.


8.1. Ownership and any other intellectual property rights regarding the services or the content within the services, i.a.: copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, design rights, patents, reserved know-how is property of the Service Provider or his licensors. In accordance to this, any other regulations will not be considered as a transfer of rights from the Service Provider. The user has a right only to a limited license for the services given, based on the regulations specified in the terms and conditions of use, within the chosen subscription plan.


9.1. The Client accepts the given terms and conditions as well as the fact, that the Service Provider has the right to modify, at his discretion, the format and functions of the Service. He also understands the fact, that the Service Provider has the right to make alterations within the given terms and conditions if faced with important reasoning such as: changes in general law, changes in payment methods – as long as the changes apply to regulations in the listed terms and conditions of use. Service Provider Fee Brokers sp. z o.o. does not take responsibility for nor is obliged to provide a full or a partial refund for any service provided.

9.2. The Service Provider reserves himself the right of full or partial suspension of the website for any reason, including business or operational motives such as improvement in website presence or functionality, content update, occasional conservation or resolving any problems.

9.3. The Service Provider has the right to periodically update given terms and conditions of use, privacy policy, cookie policy or any other documentation mentioned in any of these documents.

9.4. The Service Provider does not give any clear or implied guarantees or conditions of commercial value, suitability for any specified purposes or non-infringement of intellectual property or any other regulations or rights.

9.5. The Service Provider does not make any statements or does not guarantee that the website will be available at a specific time or any geographic location, or that the access to the website will be continuous or uninterrupted, or that the website will be available or optimized on every browser, computer, tablet, mobile phone or viewing platforms.

9.6. The Service Provider does not take responsibility for any faults or viruses on the website nor for any software, that can be sent from our website to your computer, or any consequences of these programs’ action that may take place.


10.1. The user, for which the Service is provided agrees to the collection and usage of his personal data, in accordance with the Fee Brokers sp. z o.o. privacy policy. Service Provider commits to not transmit any personal data of the Client to third party individuals and to use the personal data only in order to improve on the Clients’ comfort of use.


11.1. Cases regarding matters not included within the given terms and conditions are subject to general polish legal regulations, especially: the Civil Code; the act on electronically provided service; the act on consumer rights, the act on personal identifiable data protection